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"Referral Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Increase Sales and Profits, Decrease Cost of Sales and Gain New and Loyal Customers"


 From: David Carleton


San Diego, California


Monday 7:18 AM




Attention: Business Owners


Let's get right to the point.   Most companies do not have a formal referral marketing system in place.  As a matter of fact, most business people and even many sales professionals get sick at the thought of asking for referrals, so they never ask, or they ask incorrectly


And even though most every business owner gets referrals, I think very few understand how referral marketing can and should work.  It amazes me how many businesses don’t realize the huge sales and profit potential they are missing by not having an active referral marketing system in place.

You and I both know that a referral is the easiest sale to close and in many instances you make more money because the prospect comes in “pre-sold” and with fewer objections. So if you and I both know this...


Why Don’t More Sales Come From Referrals?”

It's  true that a good referral marketing system can generate a ton of increased sales and profits.  Not only that, if properly implemented it can literally run on auto pilot. 

But the sad truth is...

Most companies don't get as many referrals as the could or should because of two main reasons.  They just don't know how to ask for referrals and they don't really know how to set up and implement a referral marketing system.

And remember, asking for a referral is one thing, having an effective follow up program and ongoing referral marketing system in place is quite another.  This unfortunately is where many businesses fall short.

How about you? You probably sell great products and provide quality customer service. No doubt you have a great reputation and your customers love you. If that's really the case, why aren't you getting more referrals?

My experience has shown me that there are 3 main reasons:

  1. People either don’t like asking for referrals or don’t know how to ask.

  2. When you or someone from your sales team does ask for a referral, it is a half-hearted attempt and then there is no real system in place to measure and/or follow up.

  3. Most sales people get so excited about closing a deal; that they either forget to ask for referrals or feel that they may “blow the deal” if they ask a new customer for a referral. Sound familiar? 

Well it doesn't have to be that way...

"Now You Can Use My Simple, Time Tested, Step-By-Step System that Turns Your Business into an Unstoppable Referral Generating Machine!"

 Introducing ...

The Essential Referral Marketing System©

The Strategies Contained in The Essential Referral Marketing System© Manual are Proven Techniques Developed Over Years of Trial and Error. 

These Strategies can:Referral Marketing System

...Send customers to your business that are already “pre-sold”.

...Let you cut your advertising budget back significantly yet bring in more prospects.

...Allow your sales team to spend up to 60% less time closing the sale.

...Have prospects calling YOU to make an appointment.

·     ...Let you spend more time working on other parts of your business.

...Run on auto-pilot and bring in a constant stream of referrals.

You know what the best part of this whole thing is? Once you learn the secrets of The Essential Referral Marketing System©, you’ll be able to put the program on autopilot.  Your company will have implemented a whole new system that few if any of your competitors have. They will be stunned at your increase in sales.  You’ll wonder how you ever did business with them before!

Why Are Referrals So Powerful?


 They are independent endorsements from 3rd parties that give you, your products and your business credibility that no amount of paid advertising can buy.


Referral-generated customers are the least expensive to acquire, most profitable to sell, and remain a very loyal source of new business.


They cost almost nothing to acquire and if done right, they come in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Referral-generated customers also tend to buy quicker, negotiate less, buy larger quantities, and continue to refer even more business to you.


An effective referral system enhances and builds upon all your other marketing efforts.  It is the thread that ties them all together.

The Essential Referral Marketing Program© is a Detailed and Systemized Approach That Turns The Sale of One Into the Buying Power of Many!



Here Are Just a Few Things You’ll Discover in The Essential Referral Marketing System© Program



The two most important referral programs that every small business should be using, and it's not word of mouth!


The best and worst way to reward referral givers.  It's not as obvious as you think.


The three most common objections that people give when you ask them for referrals and specific word-for-word responses that not only turns them around, but gets them wanting to find referrals for you.


 What's your ETDBW score?  Knowing the answer can make the difference between good and outstanding customer service.  Take the test and find out.


You know what most businesses do after the sale is made...NOTHING!..  I'll give you 8 "moments of truth" that can turn what used to be a "one-shot deal" into a customer for LIFE!. 


What's the verdict on Referral fees?  Should you use them? Page 66 explains it all.


Getting referral resistance?  I'll show you to turn that around fast!


16 goodwill "freebies" that  make a big impression on your customers.  They're easy, fun and cost you almost nothing. 


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  I'll show you 14 ways to make a good impression on every potential customer that calls or comes into your showroom


How to help the right people give you more effective referrals   I give 7 effective ways – it’s easier than you think!


Want to ask for referrals but not sure how to do it?  I'll "hold your hand" and walk you though a proven 6-step process that works every time.


 And that’s just the beginning...



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Let Me Take a Moment To Shatter a Few Referral Marketing Myths…

Referral Myth #1

“If you Get “Word of Mouth” Prospects Coming Into Your Store, Then You Already Have a Referral System”

Unfortunately, word of mouth referrals only happen by chance, there is no real system in place to implement it, track it or improve it, it just happens.  You can’t really count on it or control it and therefore you really don’t have a system at all.

FACT: If you are just relying on word-of-mouth to bring in new customers and grow your business, your sales and your own personal income will never get close to reaching maximum potential. 


Referral Myth #2

"Selling and Advertising "The Lowest Prices" Automatically Gets You Referrals"

If you count on a low price to get referrals, you will always loose.  Why?  Because no matter how low you sell your products, there will always be someone else willing to undercut you and sell even lower.

Not only that, but in many cases, you are competing against other businesses in the area with more money, more resources, better or multiple locations, maybe better buying power, more inventory, etc. etc.  Your ad just gets lost in the crowd. 

 Even worse - How many times have you advertised a special price or special terms only to see your competitor’s ads right next to yours with lower prices and better financing? 

FACT: Customers aren't always looking for the lowest price so much as they are trying to get the best value.


Referral Myth #3

"Give Great Customer Service and You'll Always Get Referrals"

I have to be honest with you, great customer service is the “price of entry”.  If you are not going to give great customer service then why bother staying in business.  Without great customer service, eventually you won’t have any customers at all.  Customers expect great service so you better be giving it to them.  

In other words having great customer service, fair pricing and treating customers with respect doesn’t gain you more points.  But if you don’t have all three, you loose points.

FACT: If you give great service, your customers will tell a few people.  Give bad service and they'll tell dozens of people. 


Referral Myth #4

"Your Current Customers Love You and Would Be Happy to Give You Referrals - Just Ask Them"

How many of you dread the thought of asking your customers for a referral? 

Many companies think that asking for a referral from a previous customer means asking them “annoying” questions such as: "Do you have anyone to recommend to me? or "Who do you know that is looking to buy a Jet Ski?" 

Customers feel bad if they don’t know anyone and owners feel bad if they don’t get a positive response.  In addition, if your sales team does ask for referrals, they do so “haphazardly” and there is no real system in place measure and therefore improve the process

FACT: It's not always what you ask, but how you ask.  If you continually provide valuable products and services to your customers, they will want to give you something in return.  The problem is, they don't always know how.  I will show you how, what and when to ask to be most effective.


Referral Myth #5

"I've Been in Business For 20 Years.  Everyone Already Knows Me and My Business"

 Wake up and smell the coffee!  Unless someone is specifically in the market for your products or services, you are for all practical purposes…invisible.  90% of the people that drive by your business everyday see it, but it doesn’t really “register” until they are in the market to buy.  For example...Did you ever notice that only time you really notice how many red cars there are on the road is after you buy a red car?

 In addition, I don’t care how great your office or showroom looks, how many awards you’ve won, how low your prices are or how wonderful your product assortment is, the bottom line is this.  If you don’t have a systemized approach to generating leads and referrals, your company will never generate the sales that it could or the profit that it should.

FACT: A Recent SBC (Pac Bell) study showed in the average geographic market (325,000 people) that in one year alone 60,490 new phones were connected and 54,274 were disconnected.  Old customers move away, new potential customers take their place.  In other words...not everyone knows you!!


Referral Myth #6

"The BEST Place to get Referrals Are Your Own Satisfied Customers"

While you can get great referrals from your satisfied customers, they are not the only place to find great referrals. 

FACT: There are 2 other places to get referrals that are more predictable, more consistent and more willing to provide you with qualified referrals FOR FREE (or darn close to free).

The 5 Keys To An Effective Referral Marketing Program

  1.  It Must Be Systematic.  This means that the specific referral strategies can be duplicated and made to work in any type of business with the same or better results.  A great referral system is one that can generate referrals automatically – i.e. “auto pilot”.

  2.  It Must Be Exponential.  Effective referral systems get many people to refer your business simultaneously (Note: This is one of the problems with asking for referrals -- it's a one-to-one type of referral program, not an exponential program).

  3.  It Must Take Advantage Of Networking.  Networking can transform the power of one into the power of many.  Effective Referral Systems tap deep into people's network of friends, family, and associates.  Networking continues to provide leads on a consistent and ongoing basis.

  4.  It Uses The Right Incentives To Motivate People To Refer.  Let's face it -- most people are either lazy or too busy to care about your business so the best referral systems use some sort of incentive system to keep them motivated and referrals coming.

  5.  It Refers People To High Quality Products And Services. - No referral system can be effective in the long run without having high quality products or great service to back it up (That's where your, people and products come into play).

Here's What Else You'll Discover in This Proven System...



Help them, help you!  Get your referral partners to think of your business first when they are asked to recommend your products.


 Got COI?  You sure do but may not even know it.  Tapping into you COI can flood your business with more referrals than you can handle.


15 point customer complaint checklist – review this list with your employees regularly and watch your customer service improve DRAMATICALLY


12 EASY customer service ideas that are guaranteed to make your customers “sing your praises”.  They are so basic that any business can do it...but hardly any do.


 Want to see some successful referral tactics?  I've included examples of letters, postcards, phone scripts that you can copy and implement IMMEDIATELY


How to identify multiple referral partners.  Identifying and get them to "sign on" will bring you more qualified, ready to buy customers than any advertising program you could ever run.


 99 of the world’s most powerful referral strategies.  I've put together a 6 hour video presentation that show you all the SPECIFICS.


 Dozens of off line and online resources to get your referral program up and running in a flash - worth the price of the program all by itself!


 How to get the media/press to send you tons of free referrals – you’re gonna love this one


 How to use fast food (you read right) to get referrals – I am still amazed how easy this is


 How off line and online strategies can and must work together to be most effective.


How to get kids to bring their parents in and parents to bring their kids into your showroom.  Learn how some of the best marketers in world do it.

 What I’ll teach you is the same system that I’ve taught people just like you from all over the USA for the past many years.  Even people with no sales or marketing skills and experience went on to get more referrals than they ever thought possible. 

"Here's Exactly What You Are Going to Receive Via Instant Download When You Order The Essential Referral Marketing System©


Referral Marketing System

The Essential Referral Marketing System© Manual Explains in Detail Everything You Need to Know To Have Your Own Referral System Up & Running Within Hours.     A $197 Value - Comes as a PDF

How to keep the referrals coming in month after month year after year.  I explain the steps you need to take now to ensure success

How to turn ordinary customers into raving fans.  I give very specific strategies to get your customers to "sing your praises"

 A 6-step process for asking for referrals that works just about every time.  This is worth the price of the entire system by itself!

The best types of referral programs and when you should use each one to be most effective.


Referral Marketing System

6 Hours of Video Tutorials - Explaining 99 of My Favorite Referral Marketing Strategies Explained in Detail With Specific Real Life Examples A $297 Value

If you’re like me, you have to actually see something with your own eyes before you really understand how it works.  So what I’ve done is scanned 99 of my favorite referral documents and tools that I’ve accumulated over the years and assembled them into a powerful power point presentation and videotaped the presentation.

As you go through the program you’ll see actual referral samples and tools and hear me explain how to use each tool and implement it into your own referral system.

These videos are available for immediate viewing via streaming video or you can download them onto your computer for viewing at your leisure.  Each video is a PowerPoint video presentation.  All you need to do is sit back, listen and watch as you learn how each referral system works.


Referral Marketing System

The Essential Referral Marketing System© Power Point Slide Summary.  A $29 Value - Comes as a PDF

I created this 91 page training guide so you could follow along and make your own notes next to each slide as I explain each referral strategy on the 6 videos.  To be sure that you didn't miss any of the details found on the videos, I included all 271 slides found on the videos.

Think of the Videos and the Slide Summary as your private, personal, marketing class, with an infinitely patient teacher who repeats instructions and advice on demand.   It’s like having your own personal trainer!



Referral Marketing System

The Essential Referral Marketing System Toolbox -              A $99 Value - Comes as a PDF

This  59 page handbook takes a more detailed look at some of the referral strategies found on the video presentation.  It includes 42 "templates" that you can easily modify to whatever specific product you are selling or trying to promote.

Needless to say, the information contained in the Toolbox alone is worth far more than I’m asking for the entire program.  The ad templates alone would take you days to create yourself, even after you’ve understood the principles. 





For a Limited Time I am going to Offer a Special Bonus

A Free 30 Minute Consultation

$150 Value


  One Half Hour Free One-on-One Consultation

Referral Marketing System

Consult FREE with David Carleton for 30 minutes on how to get your referral marketing system up and running as soon as possible so you can start generating more sales and profits.

Please Note:  Since I began offering this FREE consultation, I have been literally inundated with phone calls.  I am not sure how much longer I will be offering this bonus, so if you are interested I suggest you act quickly.


So Let's Add It All Up...


Description Purchased Separately Entire

1. The Essential Referral Marketing System Manual - Comes in PDF format for immediate download




2. 6 Hours of Video Tutorials Explaining in Detail 99 of My Favorite Referral Strategies - watch in streaming video or download




3. The Essential Referral Marketing Power Point Slide Summary Tutorial Guide - Comes in PDF format for immediate download



4. The Essential Referral Marketing System Toolbox Handbook - Comes in PDF format for immediate download



5. BONUS: FREE - 30 Minute Consultation With David Carleton to "Kick Start" Your Own Referral Marketing System (while it is available) $150 Included

6.  One Year Money-Back Guarantee



Total Value



The total value of this powerful system is $772.  But your tax-deductible investment for this powerful system is only $147.

If your program is worth so much, why is your price so low?   3 Reasons. 

First I practice what I teach.  I have a 30-year reputation of over delivering on value.  That is much more important to me than some short-term profits.  I'm sure you do the same in your business.

Second, all the information is available for immediate download, so there is nothing for me to ship, pack and send.  You get the info right away and save money at the same time!

Third, there have been so many businesses I've known and worked with over the years that have taught me so much, that I felt this was my way of giving back.  So there you have it.

Still Not Convinced?  Let Me Make This Even Easier For You...

12 Month

Money-Back Guarantee!


Take up to 12 full months to review and profit from my program.  If you don't feel the program is all that I promised, I want you to send it back to me for a full refund.



This program comes with a no-questions, 12-month money back guarantee.  Go ahead, take your time, take it for a 12-month test-drive.  You must be completely satisfied or I want you send it back. If for any reason you decide that this program is not for you, just e-mail me any time within 12 months and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

Pretty Bold Guarantee Huh?


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So Here Are Your Choices:


You could:

  1. Do what took me over 20 years accomplish... Time sucking, painstaking trial and error strategies.  But you need more sales NOW!

  2. Put off implementing a referral marketing system and watch your sales continue to slide. Hey maybe things will magically change tomorrow. Yeah Right!

  3. Talk to other businesses or attend some industry seminars to try and come up with some new strategies.  But haven’t you already tried that? 

  4. Hire an outside marketing consultant to help you for a few thousand dollars. I don’t think so!

  5. Give yourself the lucky break you deserve and order The Essential Referral Marketing System©

 The next move is up to you.  I’ve shown you that The Essential Referral Marketing System is as risk free as any offer can come.  You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in increasing your sales, profits and personal income.  All that’s left to do now is take action.

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(You Can Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


To your continued success,

David Carleton


P.S. - Think of it this way...If you close just one more sale as a result of my system you'll more than get your money back. 

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